Aerospace System Development

                              Flexible Work-share                Efficient Approach                Experienced Team

For more than ten years, TechSAT provides to its customers research and development services for safety critical systems, primarily in electron-mechanical and avionics domains. 

At System Level we offer ARP4754A and ARP4761 compliant development including System Specification, Safety Assessment, System Architecture Design, Model based Validation, System Integration and Verification as well as certification support for Part 23 and Part 25 programs.

At Equipment Level TechSAT offers customer specific LRU development including all elements of the development life cycle from  conceptual design, through formal requirement based engineering, hardware and software development compliant to DO254, DO178, verification and validation including DO160 environmental qualification up to a DAL A certifiable product.

Technology Highlights
  • Model Based System Engineering approach for early requirements validation
  • Test driven development approach for continuous system integration and verification
Business Philosophy
  • Work with customer as development partner
  • Being cost-efficient with continuous self-improvement
  • Create Ecosystem for provding customer desired technical solution

Development Project Examples

Lilium Jet Battery Management System

Lilium Jet is an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft with 6 passengers and 1 pilot developed by Lilium GmbH.

TechSAT is developing and producing the electronic components of the Battery Management System. With its very tight schedule as well as the parallel development of aircraft, batteries and battery management system, the project imposes a high challenge to the flexibility and creativity of all involved engineers.

MA700 High Lift System

MA700 is a regional turboprop aircraft developed by XAC (Xian Aircraft Corporation of AVIC).  QingAn Corporation, Xian, China (QAG), is supplier for the High Lift System. TechSAT has supported QAG during the whole development of the MA700 High Lift System from system specification up to aircraft level integration and verification for safety of flight.

First flight has been successfully performed in September 2021.

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C919 Cockpit Display System

C919 is a single aisle transport aircraft developed by COMAC, China.  Shanghai Avionics Corporation, China (SAVIC), is supplier for the Cockpit Display System. TechSAT has supported SAVIC during the whole development of the C919 Cockpit Display System from system specification up to aircraft level integration and verification for safety of flight.

First flight has been successfully performed in September 2018 and TC is achieved on Sept. 30th 2022.

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Customizable Onboard Controller

                                   Customizable           Configurable          DAL A Certifiable

Onboard Controller Product Family

The current TechSAT controller product family consists of

  • Flaps Electronic Control Unit (FECU) for High Lift System

  • Flaps Motor Control Module (FMCM) for High Lift System

  • Brake Control Unit (BCU) for Brake Control System

FECU, FMCM and BCU are developed according to relevant certification standards as DAL A product for Part 25 civil aircraft.

TechSAT is developing  a new family of highly configurable flight control Platform to provide high performance, weight efficient and fully configurable fly by wire products for Urban Air Mobility market.

This platform including Data Concentration Unit (DCU) and Flight Control Computer (FCC).

Available Products

Onboard Electronics Production

                         High Flexibility                Full Traceability                  Aerospace Quality Standards

PCB Production Line

The TechSAT PCB production line is set up to meet the highest requirements for aerospace safety critical products.

With State-of-the-art equipment, experienced production team, fully integrated with TechSAT ERP system that enables us to produce electronic components in time to catch up with the always demanding project schedule.

Full traceability of production data required by aerospace standards is guaranteed.

The production line capacity is suitable for prototyping and small to medium series of 20-100 PCBs per day.

The Part21 G certification  process is ongoing.