Flaps Motor Control Module (FMCM) 

DAL A FPGA-Based Motor Control Unit


  • 2 KW Brushless DC Motor Controller
  • DAL A Certifieable Development
  • DO160g Qualified  for non-pressurized environment

See Datasheet

The FMCM is a motor controller for the electrical FLAPS actuation of a medium sized turboprop Part-25 Aircraft

System Functions
  • The FMCM controls the speed, and direction of one 3 phase motor based on the speed command received via CAN and the actual motor speed received from a resolver attached to the motor.
  • The FMCM controls the motor POB according to command received via a CAN bus via a discrete signal
  • The FMCM sends  actual motor speed, status, and BIT detected failures on CAN bus. 
Top Level Architecture

All functions of FMCM are implemented in an FPGA.

Enclosure & Environmental Qualification

The FMCM is built into a robust sealed aluminum enclosure. Environmental qualification is performed according to DO160 for non-pressurized environment. 

Technical Data

  • 1x Resolver
  • 1 x Temperature Sensor
  • 1x Discrete Inputs 
  • 1x Discrete Outputs
  • 1x ARINC 825/CAN 2.0B
  • Power Off Brake
  • Motor power drive interface
Power Input and Consumption
  • Input power: 28VDC, 115VAC
  •  Power consumption
    • 28VDC:  ~3Watts
    • 115VAC: max 2KW

Weight & Physical Dimensions
  • 4.68kg
  • 263 x 203 x 90 mm
External Connectors
  • 5 x MIL-DTL-38999 
    • AC Power Input
    • Motor Power Out
    • DC Power and Control
    • Motor Sensors
    • Test Connector
  • 57.110 FH