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Body & Comfort


Future cars will be connected to a collective IoT landscape. This turns a connected car into a system within a system of systems, which enables new business-models and high customization by the end-customer. Think of a smartphone on wheels with full autonomy a.k.a. the software-defined vehicle (SDV). But while connectivity / communication issues in a smartphone might create a major inconvenience, in a car of the future these issues might result in serious consequences. Therefore, SDV technology has to be safe, secure, reliable, real-time capable, flexible, scalable and much more.

As the SDV can send and recieve large amounts of data, its software can be continuosly improved throughout its lifetime via OTA (over the air) updates. For developers this means a shift from the classic v-model with a defined beginning and end to a continuos dev ops cycle. For manufacturers (OEMs) and fleet operators it is an opportunity to set themselves apart by means of SW defined features. For the end-customer this results in a vehicle which gets better from day to day.

TechSAT brings​ it all together with the O.N.E. Middleware

Open & Flexible

Safe & Secure

Performant & Scalable

Any Platform, Ecosystem and Standard

The O.N.E. Platform enables secure, deterministic, real-time interoperability inside and outside of the vehicle.

30 Years Continous Improvement


TechSAT’s O.N.E. platform has been developed for aircraft
applications and is in use for decades.

With 30+ years of experience, TechSAT is recognized
worldwide for its expertise in designing and developing
turnkey solutions for integration, verification, and validation of safety-critical aircraft systems. 

TechSAT has been a major supplier to most of the large aerospace programs of the last two decades, including Airbus A320, A340, A350, A380, A400M, Boeing 777, B787, C919, MA700 T50, KF-X, Eurofighter Typhoon, and Tiger.

Since 2016, TechSAT suppots VW Group with development of next-generation SW-defined vehicle.