System Level Integration with ADS 2 / SIB - MS21SIB

  System Integration Bench for  MS21 Avionics System



To support the development, integration, verification and certification of the MS21 Avionics System and the interoperability of avionics system with other aircraft systems, TechSAT has delivered one SIB, so called MS21SIB (System Integration Bench) to UAC, the OEM of MS21.

MS21SIB includes three parts:

MS21SIB - Simulation System

It provides real time execution environment for the aircraft motion model and the models of the aircraft components not included in the test bench.

It also provides Simulation of data exchange between aircraft systems components not included in the test bench, but communicating with Unit Under Test.

MS21SIB -  NAV/COM RF Stimulator

Full dynamic stimulation are supported for:

  • ADF (Automatic Direction Finder)
  • DME (Distance Measuring Equipment)
  • GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System)
  • ILS (Instrument Landing System) Glide Slope and Localizer
  • RA (Radio Altimeter)
  • VOR (VHF Omni-directional Radio Range)

The RF stimulator control software modules are developed by TechSAT to control all RF stimulators simultaneously to create realistic flight situation in the cockpit.

All systems provide full function close-loop simulation with 100ms latency. 

The SW modules are integrated with NAVAID DB and Airport DB used by Flight Gear.

MS21SIB -  Flight Simulation

Cockpit exterior environment is simulated through Flight Gear integrated in the test bench. 

For more representative pilot-in-the-loop testing, a set of sidestick, rudder and throttle are also integrated in the bench.

System Configuration

Software Packages

  • ADS2 / Core
  • ADS2 / Toolbox
  • ADS2 / TPM
  • ADS2 / IOGen
  • ADS2 / TFG
  • A664 TR / TE Test Suite: TechSAT COTS Test Suite for A664 End System Verification
  • A653 Platform Test Suite: TechSAT COTS Platform Test Suite for A653 platform
  • RF Stimulator Control Software Module: TechSAT developed SW module to control the RF Stimulators.

Hardware Packages

  • 2x ADS2 19 Inch Racks with

    • Realtime High-End PC for ADS2 SW modules and Simulations

    • I/O  Devices for stimulation and monitoring

    • UUT power (28VDC, 115VAC)

    • IMA Power

    • Signal Breakout Unit

    • Test Unit Adapter for AFDX switches, IMA Cabinets, RDIUs

    • Wiring Matrix

  • 1x 19 Inch Rack for RF Stimulators

Application Logical Architecture

Logical Architecture  Overview



Use Cases

The purpose of MS21SIB is to support the integration and verification of whole MS21 Avionic Systems and interfacing with other aircraft systems.

Integration and Verification of Avionics Systems

Two types of tests are performed:

  • Development and integration test
  • Formal requirements based verification

The MS21 Avionics Systems use IMA based architecture. To reduce the effort of integration, ADS2 systems support the incremental Inside-Out Integration principle shown as below:

Integration of the Avionics Systems with the interfacing aircraft systems

The interfacing aircraft systems in MS21 include

  • Central computers of the avionics system,
  • Indication and warning system,
  • Integrated electronic standby instruments system,
  • Integrated audio system,
  • Voice recorders and video surveillance system,
  • Air data system,
  • Instrument landing system,
  • Traffic collision avoidance system,
  • Radio navigation aids,
  • Communication radio stations,
  • Flight management system,
  • Flight control system,
  • General purpose aircraft equipment control system,
  • AE direct interaction control panels.

To reduce the complexity of integration of the interfaces and also to reduce the dependency of the availability of other aircraft systems, ADS2 systems support the step-by-step from logical to physical integration flow due to the flexible switching between the real device and simulations.