A429 - PMC

A429 Simulation Interface


TechSAT A429-PMC-PCIe is a powerful, multichannel ARINC 429 interface implemented on a PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card) form factor module mounted on a PMC-to-PCI Express carrier. It has been specially designed to comply with high-performance test- and simulation requirements for A429 interfaces.

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Related TechSAT COTS Product - A429-USB-NT


A429-USB NT is an intelligent ARINC 429 USB device with onboard FPGA providing up to 4 transmit and up to 8 receive channels. The device is based on USB standard 2.0 and supports USB high-speed operation. Each transmitter is connected to a dedicated loopback receiver. Additionally, Discrete I/O lines are provided: 6x GND/OPEN In and 6x 28V/OPEN or GND/OPEN Out.

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Related TechSAT COTS Product - A429-BAST


A429-BAST is an ARINC 429 Bus Analyzer and Simulation tool. It allows for free word format definition, concurrent usage of transmit, monitor/recording and view functions. Additionally, it provides comprehensive data stimulation and analysis tools – all integrated in the intuitive graphical user interface of Microsoft Windows.

A429-BAST can be used in combination with various ARINC 429 interfaces and devices from TechSAT.

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