Equipment Level Integration with ADS 2 / SDIB

Single Device Integration Bench for C919 Head Down Display Unit


The Display Subsystem for the C919 aircraft consists of five identical Head Down Displays (HDDs), a Head Up Display (HUD), associated control panels and an Integrated Standby Instrument System (ISIS).

The SW modules hosted in HDD are:

  • HDD Platform Software
  • HDD Dataload Software
  • HDD Non-ARINC 661 Hosted Functions
  • HDD ARINC 661 Server
  • HDD Hosted Functions (including Synoptic Pages)

For HDD equipment level integration and verification, TechSAT has delivered 12 units of SDIB (Single Display Integration Bench) to SAVIC, the system supplier of C919 CDS system

System Configuration

Software Packages

  • ADS2 / Core
  • ADS2 / Toolbox
  • ADS2 / SCADE
  • ADS2 / TPM
  • ADS2 / IOGen
  • ADS2 / TFG
  • ADS2 / ICDImporter: TechSAT tool for import of OEM ICD format
  • A664 TR / TE Test Suite: TechSAT COTS Test Suite for A664 End System Verification
  • TechSAT A653 Platform Test Suite: TechSAT COTS Platform Test Suite for A653 platform

Hardware Packages

  • 1x ADS2 High Performance Real-time Nodes with I/O

    • ADCN Simulating Switch
    • A664/EDE Sim/Mon
    • A664/TAP Monitoring
    • A429 Sim/Mon
    • A825 Sim/Mon
    • Discrete I/O
    • Breakout/Connection Box
    • A818 Analyzer

    • 2x ADS2 User Interface Nodes

    Application Logical Architecture

    Use Cases

    The purpose of SDIB is to support the integration and verification of single LRU.

    • HW/SW Integration of HDD

    • LRU Level Hardware Testing of the HDD

    • Formal Verification of HDD Platform Software

    • Formal Verification of CDS Application Software

    • System Level Verification of T4 Requirements

    • Robustness and Performance Testing