Equipment Level Integration with ADS 2 / SDIB - FECUTB

Single Device Integration Bench for MA700 Flaps Electronic Control Unit 


The Flap surfaces of MA700 High Lift System are controlled by two identical Flaps Electronic Control Units (FECU).

To integrate and verify the FECU, TechSAT has delivered two units of SDIB, so called FECUTB to QAG, the system supplier of MA700 HLS.

System Configuration

Software Packages

  • ADS2 / Core
  • ADS2 / Toolbox
  • ADS2 / SCADE
  • ADS2 / Simulink
  • ADS2 / FMI
  • ADS2 / TPM
  • ADS2 / TFG

Hardware Packages

  • 1x ADS2 High Performance Real-time Nodes with I/O

    • A429 Sim/Mon

    • A825 Sim/Mon

    • Discrete I/O

    • Digital to LVDT

    • Digital to Synchro/Resolver

    • RSS

    • Breakout/Connection Box

    • 2x ADS2 User Interface Nodes

    Application Logical Architecture

    Use Cases

    The purpose of FECUTB is to support the integration and verification of single FECU.

    • HW/SW Integration of FECU

    • Target Based Software Testing

    • LRU Level functional Testing

    • LRU Qualification Testing