Aircraft Level Integration with ADS 2 / ADCNTB

Aircraft Level Integration Bench for  C919 Aircraft Data Communication Network


To perform the integration and verification of the compelete ARINC664 network of the C919, TechSAT delivered a ADCNTB (Aircraft Data Communication Network Test Bench) to CARERI / SAVIC.

The purpose of the ADCN Test Bench is to perform the Dynamic Verification of the ADCN Network.

To fulfill the purpose, the ADCNTB supports two main functions:

  • Simulation of ARINC664 ES traffic
  • Monitoring and analysis of  ARINC664 network traffic between
    • ES and ARINC664 Switch
    • all ARINC664 Switches
Besides hardware and ADS2 standard SW packages, a configurable generic test suite covering all uses cases are also developed by TechSAT for ADCNTB.

System Configuration

Software Packages

  • ADS2 / Core
  • ADS2 / Toolbox
  • ADS2 / TPM
  • Dataloading Tool: TechSAT COTS tool for loading software parts into the processing modules, RDCs and Switches.
  • ADCN Test Suite
    • Template based tool to create automated tests for functional and performance verification
    • Dedicated Gbyte backbone to exchange data
    • Functional and timing tests

Hardware Packages

  • 4x 19 Inch Racks with

    • 16x Realtime High-End PC

    • 54x dual redundant AFDX End System simulations 
    • 64x TAPs
    • HW timestamping with µs precision for all AFDX traffic

Application Logical Architecture

Logical Architecture  Overview


A664 Interface Simulator

Use Cases

The main test objectives of ADCNTB are schedulability and real time determinism of the network.

  • A certain configuration where the switches cannot guarantee that no frames are lost is not “schedulable” and therefore not valid.
  • Network real time determinism guarantees that for each message the latency and jitter are not exceeding the required limits.

Additionally to above aspects, ADCNTB also provides support to verify the functions such as operational states (Normal Operation, Power Up, Reset, etc.), health monitoring, time synchronization which are not covered by the mathematical analysis of the network.

Through simulating the end systems with easily error injection, ADCNTB is suitable to verify robustness of the network against data errors and failure modes where one or more switches fail.

Integration the entire ARINC664  network

The integrated items include

  • All ARINC664 switches forming the ADCN network
  • All End Systems, either simulated or real

Verification of end-to-end communication

  • Routing (All data arrives at expected destination and nowhere else)
  • Timing (Delay and jitter is within specified limits)
  • Robustness (Network behavior remains stable even with defective links, End Systems or switches)

Verification of configuration tables 

Verify configuration talbles of ARINC664 Switches and/or real End Systems

Verification of failure cases

Loss of single or multiple Switches failure cases are verified

Verification of operational modes, data loading and pin programming

Verification of Power On sequence

Verification of Health Monitoring 

SNMP, ARINC624 or similar protocol

Verification of Time Management and Time Synchronization

Verification of EDE high integrity protocol