ARINC A615A Ethernet/AFDX protocol conversion tool

TechSAT’s PortGate/AFDX® is a configurable gateway, which can forward UDP-based traffic between AFDX® and Ethernet interfaces, i.e. it is able to move frames from either network to the other without modifying the data.

Datasheet PortGate/AFDX

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Forwards UDP-based traffic between AFDX® and Ethernet interfaces

Turns TechSAT’s family of Ethernet Data Loader products into AFDX® Data Loader tools

Simple configuration using MS-Excel, Open Office, or text editor

Translates ARINC 615A over Ethernet to ARINC 615A over AFDX®

Fully supports all ARINC 615A operations: FIND/SNIP, Information Operation, Upload Operations, Download Operations

Highly configurable at AFDX® port and VL level